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Mr Broadleday

How well do you know your teacher?


Mr Broadleday quiz!


Answer each question and then check the answers at the end to see if you were right!


No cheating!


Good Luck! 

1. How many dogs does Mr Broadleday's mum and dad have?


a. 1


b. 4


c. 3


2. What is Mr Broadleday's favourite sport?


a. cricket


b. golf


c. badminton


3. How many cats does Mr Broadleday's mum and dad have?


a. 2


b. 1


c. 3


4. Where was Mr Broadleday born?


a. Burnley


b. Blackburn


c. Nelson


5. Where did Mr Broadleday go travelling?


a. Australia


b. Thailand


c. France


6. What is Mr Broadleday's favourite school?


a. Stoneyholme


b. Stoneyholme


c. Stoneyholme


7. What is Mr Broadleday's favourite season?


a. Winter


b. Spring


c. Summer


8. When is Mr Broadleday's birthday?


a. June


b. August


c. May