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Morning/ Afternoon Work

Comma Chaos! 


Mrs Davison has asked Miss Hall and Mr Hindman to send a short report, by email, on what the children in year four have been doing in their learning. However, Miss Hall and Mr Hindman are panicking as they have completely forgotten how to use commas in their writing. 

Can you help them before it is due in to Mrs Davison?


Your Task

1.  Read through the short report and identify where the missing

   commas need to go. 

2. Write it up into your book with the missing commas added. 

3. Feedback to your teacher where the commas need to go. 


Year Four Report

The children in year four are doing exceptionally well with comparing fractions writing complex sentences and using noun phrases. We will be focusing on fronted adverbials division and understanding suffixes this term. After looking at the children's work over the holiday it appears they can still use paragraphs to organise their writing. Before we move onto newspaper recounts later on in the term we will be looking at discussion texts.