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Monday 13th July - Year 3 Meet Your New Year 4 Teachers

Hello Year 3!


Your teachers in Year 4 will be **** and ****.


Let's find clues by playing "What's in the Box?" to find out all about your new teachers.


Can you guess from the clues which teachers you have?

You can collect your thoughts in a grid like the below: 


Mystery Box:


Adjective to describe my teacher




What could the object tell me about my new teacher? 





I think the mystery box one teacher is ......

I think the mystery box two teacher is ......


All will be revealed later on in the week!! 😆 

Your Task

Can you create your own mystery box about yourself?


Take a photo of it or draw what’s in your box

Later on in the week, when you know who your teacher is, you can email the picture or photo to them.