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Article 42 says that governments have to make sure everyone knows about the CRC and get the message about children’s rights out to people. Rights are of little use to people unless they are aware of them.

Watch the below film on the UNICEF page. Does it inspire you to believe that the rights of children and young people are important?

(Click on the link below the picture)

Here is the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and some of the current cabinet ministers of the UK Government. They make decisions on national issues and find ways to solve problems.


Your Challenge

If you were the cabinet minister responsible for children’s rights, what would you do to spread the message/make everybody aware of rights? 

Have a go at engineering a creative idea that could go public.


Take a look at some ideas below: 

Creative ideas to raise awareness on the rights of the child.

Still image for this video
Here are some ways you could begin to design and engineer your ideas:

Create a product design sheet

Design each scene of your play or video in a movie reel

Create your ideas for a rights based story in a story mountain

Again, these are just ideas. You may have your own fantastic way of designing something to raise awareness on Children's rights. Miss Bradshaw and Miss Hall are really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! 

To achieve a MERIT, you MUST create a DESIGN for your IDEA. You can TAKE a PHOTO of your finished design.

EMAIL the PHOTOGRAPH of your design to either Miss Hall or Miss Bradshaw via PURPLE MASH.