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Today we are going to start our maths with counting in 2s. How far can you count in 2s? 

Counting in 2s

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Let’s look and have a go at solving these problems. 

Let’s learn 

When we are finding half, we need to make 2 groups. Half of 4 = 2

To find out what is half of 12, we need to share the bees into 2 equal groups. Half of 12 is 6 so this means that 6 bees will go to the bee vet. 

To find out how many honey pots are in a quarter of 20, we need to share them into 4 equal groups.

1/4 of 20 = 5. 

Your turn 


Let’s check

If you are in school turn to page 72 in your maths no problem books.

If you are learning from home complete the questions in your blended learning book and send a photo to your class teacher or upload onto Seesaw.