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Monday 19th April 2021

LC- To convert units of measure.


 Well done last week for converting units of length. This week, we are going to continue conversions with different units of measure.


 Remember the facts!

  Today, we are going to concentrate on units of mass (weight).


 What facts do we need?


Have a look at the following question.

  So, tomatoes are £1.30 per kg.

 The customer bought 2kg and 60g.


 The shop keeper worked out the price on the calculator and typed in 2.6 + 1.3.


 Why did the customer complain?

If there are 1000 g in 1 kg, what would 2 kg 60 g be? 2.6 kg; 2.06 kg; or 2.006 kg? How can we determine that?

Which would be more favourable to the customer? Which is more unfavourable? Which is correct?


 If we are converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit, which operation should we use?


 Let's see the methods used in Maths NO Problem.

  How would you work it out?

Use whatever method works best for you.


 We will work on the guided practice together.

Now complete the work in Maths NO Problem. However, if you are struggling with something then please ask before you begin.