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Tuesday 13th April 2021

LC- To convert units of length


 First remind yourself of the measurement facts.

Today we will focus on the measurements for length.


Have a look at the following question. What do you notice?

The measures are all different. One is mm, one is cm and one is m.


So what will we need to do? That's right, we need to turn them all into the same unit of measure.

Let's learn.

Have you seen the pattern?


What do you have to do to turn mm onto cm?

What do you have to do to turn cm into mm?


        10 cm =  x 10  mm = 100mm


        200 mm = divided by 10 = 20cm

 Now we will use the MNP text books to measure the following shapes. If you are at home, freeze your screens. Use your ruler to measure the length of the sides in cm and mm. You need to be very precise.


Now work out the perimeter of the shapes - that's right - all the way around the outside.

Now we are going to go onto worksheets 125 and 126 in your MNP books. If you are at home, we will put this into Seesaw for you - just email your teacher when you are ready.