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Monday 12th April

L.C. To be able to subtract a fraction from 1 whole.


We are going to continue looking at fractions this week. Let’s quickly recap what we know about fractions so far.


What is a numerator? What does this tell us?


What is a denominator? What does this tell us?


What is meant by the term Equivalent Fraction?


What is the rule when converting a fraction to its simplest form?



How many Pieces of the pizza are there in total?

How many has the boy taken?

What fraction is left?


 It is important to remember that when changing a whole into a fraction we will have the same number as both numerator and denominator. 
e.g. 1 = 6/6

1= 8/8

1 = 5/5



Once we have correctly changed the whole number into a fraction, you subtract the numerator. The denominator remains the same.


Let’s look through the following questions together.