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Today we are going to continue making equal groups. 


What do the words 'equal' and 'unequal' mean?

Lets look at these problems 

Lets Learn




We can find out if the books are equal or unequal by counting the books in each pile.


If they are the same that means that the groups are equal and if they are not the same then they are unequal. 


Which one is true or false?

That's there are not 3 groups of 3 pens.


The correct sentence should say there are 3 groups of 4 pens. 


What can you say about these groups? 
What is the same?

What is different? 

Here are 4 groups of 2 paperclips. 

Let’s try these together 

Let’s check 

If you’re in school turn to page 37 in your maths no problem book. 
If you are learning from home, complete the questions in your blended learning book and send a picture to your class teacher via Seesaw or Purple Mash.