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Monday 15th March 2021

LC- To answer questions from graphs.


Last week we began looking at 2 types of graphs. There were pictograms and bar graphs. Today we are going to carry on with that work and move onto how these work at a year 6 level.

The questions below are all past SAT questions.

Have a try at the following. If you are in school, we will work on these together.

If you are working from home then work out the answers to the ones you can but don't worry about the ones where you have to draw a graph.

Now try the following questions. Just because they may look different, there is no need to panic! 

Remember to check the increments and add jottings.

Now, be careful with the next 2 questions. You will need to look carefully to see what each bar is worth and think what each question is actually asking.

So in the last example, the 1st tower  shows children with a height of 120-129cm. This means that everyone who is 120cm, 121cm up to 129cm are all in this tower / bar.


Emma is correct as she says the final questions can't be answered. Do you know why?

 The bar represents 150-159cm. We know there are 2 people in this bar. We also know that Alfie is 153 cm tall but we don't if the other person is shorter or taller.


Now try this one.

How have you done?


 Oh no look at the next one!  I have never seen this before. 

Should I panic? What should I do?


Look carefully and see what you can work out.

The key was important here wasn't it? You needed to do an extra step.

If you are at home and don't understand this one then don't worry, we will look at these again.



Now go to Seesaw and complete the activities there. Remember to do jottings.