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Wednesday 10th March 2021

LC- Drawing bar graphs.


 We are moving on today to look at bar graphs. These are similar to pictograms but don't use pictures. Instead, they use bars or blocks of colour. 

Have a look at the following.

So this is a pictogram where the fruit is represented by a square.

The same information is represented below on a bar chart. What is the difference?

 Basically, the squares have been put together in a tower. You can't count the individual square so you go to the top of the tower and look across to see how many.

Remember to use jottings to remember how many to save you having to do the job again. 

Let's work on the guided practice together.

Now let's look at another example.

Ok, now for another example.


Oh no, it looks different. Should I panic?

 Now go to seesaw and complete the activity. The last part is over 2 pages so you will have to move between the 2.