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LC: To be able to solve problems by converting units of time.


Have a look at the question below. 


Can we draw a bar model to show this problem?

Can we show how long it took the winner Sam?

Have a look below.


Our diagrams above show that Sam took 20 seconds less than Ravi.

(The question told us that Ravi took 95 seconds)


The second diagram shows that Hannah took twice as long as Sam.


Let's calculate


So we now know that:

Sam took 75 seconds.

Ravi took 95 seconds.

Hannah took 150 seconds.


Now that we have the time in seconds, can we convert these times into minutes? 

Sam took 1 minute 15 seconds


Hannah took 2 minutes 30 seconds


60 seconds = 1 minute

60 seconds + 35 seconds = 95 seconds.

Ravi took 1 minute 35 seconds


Let's practice

We need to convert the times above before comparing them.

94 seconds = 1 minute 34 seconds

                     1 minute 29 seconds

129 seconds = 2 minutes 9 seconds



1 minute 29 seconds = 89 seconds

(60 + 29 = 89)



Complete page 121.

Then have a go at the problems on page 122.


When you have finished, check your work, then log on to Mangahigh or TT Rockstars and challenge yourself.