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Maths Wednesday 10th February 2021

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Lets recap the information that we learnt on Monday.


Types of angles


1. The smallest type of angle is called acute angles. An acute angle is an angle that measures less than 90ºBelow is an example of an acute angle.


2. The next smallest type of angle is a right angles. A right angle is an angle that measures exactly 90ºBelow is an example of a right angle.


3. Third smallest type of angle is an obtuse angles. An obtuse angle is an angle that is greater than 90º but smaller than 180ºBelow is an example of an obtuse angle.


4. The next type of angle is a straight angle. A straight angle is an angle that measures exactly 180ºBelow is an example of a straight angle.


5. The fifth type of angle is a reflex angles. A reflex angle is an angle that is greater than 180º but smaller than 360ºBelow is an example of a reflex angle.


6. And finally, the biggest angle is a full angle. A full angle is an angle that measures exactly 36Below is an example of a full angle.


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