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Today were going to discuss the properties of shapes. We will be looking at both 2D and 3D shapes when discussing their properties. There are different words that we use when talking about 2D and 3D shapes.



When looking at 2D shapes we use the following terms:

  • Sides - the straight or curved lines in a shape.
  • Vertices/Corners - The point where 2 sides meet.
  • Lines of Symmetry - Imaginary lines that can split the shape in to 2 identical halves. (See picture below - explained on video)


Lets have a look at a few 2D shapes and discuss the properties of these shapes. 




A circle has 1 Side (it goes all the way around).

It has 0 Vertices (no sides meet).

It has an infinite amount of Lines Of Symmetry.


Equilateral Triangle


A Triangle has 3 Sides.

It has 3 Vertices.

It has 3 Lines Of Symmetry (see image below).



Your Turn

In your books, write down the properties of the following shapes.

Maths Part 1

Still image for this video

3D shapes use the following terminology:

  • Faces - a flat or curved surface - 2D shapes within the 3D shape 
  • Edges - where two faces meet
  • Vertices/Vertex - a corner where edges meet


Let have a look at a 3D shape and discuss its properties.




The cube has 6 Faces.

The cube has 8 Vertices.

The cube has 12 edges


In your books tell me the properties of the following 3D shapes.

Maths Part 2

Still image for this video

Now go onto Purple mash and complete the 2do that has been set.