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Today we are going to look at ordering numbers.


Now there is 1 way to do this. We touched on this 2 weeks ago.


First we need to know the place value order. See picture below.




So remember, when it comes to place value the further right you go the smaller the value.

Even though it goes tenth then hundredths doesn't mean that hundredths are bigger. It is in fact the tenths that are bigger.


When comparing numbers we always start from the column furthest left in the number and move right.


Lets have a look at this in action.


Lets compare the 3 following numbers and put them in order from biggest to smallest.


3,030,030      3,303,000     3,030,300


So all 3 numbers are in the millions. So we start by looking at the millions column.


All 3 numbers have a number 3 in this column so they are all equal. As this is the case we move onto the nest column


In the Hundred Thousands column the Green number has a 3 but the other 2 numbers have 0. 3 is greater than 0 this must mean that 3,303,000 is the biggest number. The other 2 have 0 so we haven't manages to separate these yet. 


We now move to the Ten Thousands column. In this column both numbers have 3 so we still can't separate them. So lets move onto the next column.


The next column is Thousands. Both numbers have 0 Thousands. So like before we need to move onto the next column.



Hundreds - The purple number has 0 where as the blue number has 3. As 3 is bigger than 0 this makes 3,030,300 is the next biggest number. 


This means that 3,030,030 is the smallest number.


Lets put these into an order from biggest to smallest:


Biggest                                 Smallest

3,303,000     3,030,300     3,030,030


Have a go at ordering the following questions from Biggest to Smallest in your home learning books.


  1. 7,730,030      3,730,700     7,370,300
  2. 4,034,030      4,433,000     4,430,004
  3. 1,100,100      1,110,000     1,101,111




Now go onto Purple mash and complete the 2do that has been set.


Maths 25th

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