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Today, we are going to learn how to compare decimals.


To compare means to find out which decimal is greater or smaller.


Have a look at the in focus question below.

Who do you think is correct? Can you explain why?


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0.4 = 40/100 and 0.12 = 12/100


The examples that have been shown, show each decimal with the same amount of place holders. For example both of these decimals above have no whole numbers but they have tenths and hundredths. This makes it easier to compare them both.

Therefore, 40/100 is greater than 12/100 so 0.4 is greater than 0.12.



Now, try the guided practice section below on your own.

Compare the decimals and make sure both decimals have the same number of place holders so it is easier to compare.


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Now complete worksheet 4 below which will be sent to you on Seesaw.