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This week, we are moving onto a new chapter where we are going to learn all about decimals.

Can you remember what you have learnt about decimals previously? 


Have a look at the in focus question below.

What do you think the different blocks are showing?


If one of these blocks stands for 1, how do we write numbers less than 1?


Is there only 1 way or can you think of different ways?


Have a look below to see the different ways.


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We can see that 1 yellow block can we written as 1/10 or 0.1.


This decimal and fraction are equivalent as one is in a fraction form and the other in a decimal form but they mean the same.


10 of these yellow blocks would make 1 whole one so 1 yellow block would be 0.1.


This is a decimal which is less than 1.

Now if we break up this yellow block into blue blocks, each blue block would be written as ???


That’s right, 0.01.


10 of these blue blocks would make 1 yellow block.


Do you know what 0.01 is as a fraction?

Well done if you got the answer 1/100.

Now, lets have a look at the green block.


Each green block stands for ???


Well done if you got 0.001.

10 of these green blocks would make 1 blue block. As a fraction this would be 1/1000.


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To show these decimals with the correct amount of blocks, you need to know and understand place value in decimals.


For example:

In 0.012

There are no whole numbers.

After the decimal point (to the right) there are no tenths, there is 1 hundredth and there are 2 thousandths.


Have a look at the images below which show you the place value of decimal numbers.



Now, using the blocks again, try the guided practice section below and write your answers as decimals.


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Now complete worksheet 1 below which will be sent to you on Seesaw.


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