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Thursday 21st January 2021

LC- To compare angles.


To begin this lesson, remind yourself of the 3 types of angles. Acute, right angles, obtuse.

If you need to go and research these that's fine. Go back over the website from other days. You must use an angles tester otherwise you are getting wrong answers, especially if angles look similar to each other.


I am not going to go over too much today as we have done that. Today we need to compare all three types of angles.


When you label all the acute angles use the letter 'a' and all the obtuse angles use the letter 'o'. Do you remember how to show a right angle?  Have a look. 

That's right, you find the right angle (a square corner) and if you draw the other 2 sides of the square you should end up with a full square, basically, you end up with a little square in the corner. If the angle is not a right angle and you draw your 2 lines, you won't end up with a square.


Have a look at the following Let's Learn.


Now go onto Seesaw and try to identify the different angles. The task is called Find Angles.