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  Wednesday 20th January 2021

  LC- To compare angles


 Yesterday we looked at finding right angles. A lot of you had work sent back so please read all instructions. When finding right angles, it is good to use a tester. I use the corner of a ruler. You will always have a ruler in a test so I find I the best. You could use any square corner though. It could be the corner of  a piece of paper. To use the tester, put the corner of it into the part of the shape where the 2 lines meet (the angle point). Now compare your angle with your tester. If the angle is smaller than your tester this is called an acute angle. If the angle is the same size and follows the lines of the tester, this is a right angle. If it is bigger than your tester, it is an obtuse angle.


Today, we are going to concentrate on acute angles.

Let's learn.

  In the guided practice below, use your tester to check the angles. You don't have to record anything but this is the time to practice and check if you don't understand before you try your work.

  Now go onto Seesaw and complete the activities. Remember, the work this week is actually revision so should be easy enough for you.

The work is called Compare angles.