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Tuesday 19th January 2021

LC- To identify right angles within shapes.


So yesterday should have been quite easy for you. If you haven't done it, you must catch up first.


 Today we are moving on to right angles. This is quite easy but we often find some children get a bit mixed up as things get more complex.

What do you know about right angles?  How many degrees are there? 

Where do you find them? Can you find any in the room that you are in?


If you watch the video on the following link, it should be a reminder to you.

In the video, it showed you how to check right angles with the 'finder' but how can we do this ourselves?

What have you got that you could use?

I always use a ruler. I move the corner of my ruler into the corner of the angle (just like in the video) to see whether an angle is a right angle or not. I find this really useful especially look like they may be a right angle but aren't. 

Now complete the task on Seesaw. Again, it is revision so should be quite easy for you. However, use the corner of a ruler or piece of paper to check carefully. If you hold it up to the screen you should be able to see if it a right angle, smaller than a right angle or larger than a right angle.

Follow the instructions on the sheets carefully.

The task is called,  Right angles.