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Monday 18th January 2021

LC- To recognise and find angles in shapes.


This week we are going to be learning about angles. We are going to begin by revising your previous knowledge and building from there. 


 Firstly, what is an angle?


 When 2 straight lines meet at a point, this is an angle. 

In the following simple example, 2 pencils have been positioned together, the point where they meet makes the angle.

In the second example, 2 of the pairs of sticks make an angle and 2 don't. Can you see which one is which. I hope so. remember the 2 lines have to meet to make an angle.

Angles are everywhere!

So an angle is made when 2 straight lines meet. The lines have to be straight not curved and they need to meet. There are no angles in a circle.

 Now have a look at the following example. Where 2 lines meet, we actually have 2 angles, an inner angle and an outer angle.

  So your work today will be identifying angles in lines and in shapes. We have looked at the first part. Now let's look at shapes.

 Ok now it's time to complete the work on seesaw. Like I said, it is revision so if you have read everything you shouldn't find it too difficult.

The work is called,  Angles.