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Today we are going to look at  number lines. We are going to focus on number lines that cross into negative numbers. See picture below.



As you can see each mark on the number line counts as 1. However this isn't always the case.


So the 1st thing you have to do when looking at a number line is work out what each of the marks counts up/down in.


The other thing you hopefully noticed is that once it crosses 0 the number gets higher. Although this is the case it is because they are negative integers. 


Once we work out what each mark counts as we can add missing numbers into a number line.


Lets have a look at the following number line and see if we can identify the missing number.


What number is pointed to?



1st we need to work out what the marks go up/down in?


Going from left to right we can tell the number is going from negative integers to positive integers. This must mean the numbers are getting bigger.


Now between -10 and 10 there are 10 marks. This means that each small mark is worth 2.


To work out which number is being pointed to we need to count back  how many marks until the arrow - 3


3 x 2 = 6 


10 - 6 = 4


The arrow is therefore pointing to 4


Using what you know now, go onto Purple mash and complete the 2do that has been set. Mr Hindman is always on Purple Mash for you to email and ask for help.