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Today we are going to look at locating and working out decimals by looking at a number line.



This is a number line from 0 to 1


How many smaller marks make up the line? 10.


So each of the small marks are 1/10 or 0.1


Knowing what each small mark is worth helps us work out what the value of the number.


Lets have a look at the following time line.


What number is being pointed to?



Above we established that each smaller mark was worth 0.1


How many smaller marks are there? 


There are 5  so what is 5 x 0.1?



5 x 0.1 = 0.5


The marker is pointing to 0.5


We are going to look at 2 more.



How many smaller marks?


? x 0.1  = ?




You should have found out that:


How many smaller marks? 8


8 x 0.1  = 0.8


Lets have a look at 1 more:



What is different about this question?


This time the number line doesn't start at 0.


Also the number line goes from 10.7-10.8. 


We need to understand what each marks value is.


So the whole number line is worth 0.1. There are 10 small parts. This must mean that each small part is worth 0.01 


Now we know that we can work out the number that is being asked. 


So starting from 10.7 we need to add 0.01 each time we get to the next mark.



Using what you know now, go onto Purple mash and complete the 2do that has been set. Mr Hindman is always on Purple Mash for you to email and ask for help.