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Today we are going to look at comparing decimals.


To help us with this we need to look at the following image:


This image shows us the place value chart.

When it comes to place value the further right you go the smaller the value.

Even though it goes tenth then hundredths doesn't mean that hundredths are bigger. It is in fact the tenths that are bigger.


The other thing we need to remember for todays work is what these symbols mean.



An easy way to remember this was a way that I learnt.  Imagine the symbols as a hungry crocodile. The crocodile always  wants to eat the bigger number (as shown below).




Now lets have a look at comparing numbers with decimals.


So we need to think about which place the numbers are in..


Which of these is bigger?


0.05 or 0.50


0. 5 is bigger as the 5 is further left than in 0.05. Tenths and bigger than Hundredths


So we would put the symbol facing the 0.5


0.05 < 0.5


Lets have a look at another question.


Which is the bigger number?


0.96 or 0.69


So in this question you need to work from left to right. 


In the ones column both numbers have 0. So by just using that we cant say which number is greater. So we move onto the tenths column.


In the tenths the first number has 9 tenths whereas the second number has 6 tenths. Which is the greater number of tenths? The first number


So we would put the symbol facing the first number.


0.96 > 0.69


Have a go at putting the symbols into the following questions. Write them out in you Home learning books.


Which is the bigger number?


  1. 0.7 or 0.5
  2. 0.09 or 0.90
  3. 0.45 or 0.54
  4. 0.657 or 0.675
  5. 0.64 or 1.53


Now go onto Purple mash and complete the 2do that has been set.