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Monday 11th January 2021

LC- To Multiply Decimals.


 Now we know about place value of decimals and the relationship between decimals and fractions, we are going onto multiplying decimals. 


 Have a look at the following problem. To answer the question, you may want to think about drawing a bar in your book to help you.

So 1m is the same as 100 cm. What would 100 divided by 5 be? That's right 20 cm or 0.2 m.

To find 3 lots we need to multiply 20 by 3. This is 60 cm or 0.6 m.


My friend says that 20 cm = 0.2 m or 2/10 m


They say it is easiest to write down the problem using words and numbers: 0.2 × 3 = 2 tenths × 3, which is 6 tenths so the answer must be 0.6. Is this true?  I wonder if this method will always work? 

What if it was 0.23 x 3 instead? or 1.2 x 3? What would we do here?


Let's learn.

Now have a go at the guided practice. Send your answers to us by email. Don't forget!!!!!



Now have a go at the Maths NO Problem work on Seesaw. You can work out your answers in your book fort and then type the answers in Seesaw. 

There are 2 pages to do.


I am sure you will manage well. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's work.