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Thursday 7th January 2021

LC- Writing fractions as decimals.


First watch the following clips as revision to decimals and complete the activities that go with them.

 Now watch the following clip that shows you how to convert fractions to decimals. This clip shows how to convert tenths.

 OK so if we have a fraction that is tenths then we can easily convert it to a decimal.

But what if it isn't that easy?

Well, you can convert all fractions to decimals by using your knowledge of division. Remember the fraction line means the same as division.

 To work out what 3/8 is as a decimal, you need to divide. 3/8 is the same as saying 3 divided by 8. We know that 8 doesn't fit into 3 so what do we do? We need to put a decimal point and take the reminders over. I gave you this example yesterday. Have a look.



 Watch the following video that explains further how to divide and have decimal remainders.

 Let's turn 3/4 into a decimal.

So this means 3 divided by 4.

We can't do that so we need to put a zero and then the decimal point and take the remainders over.

Have a look. 



Now have a try at the following examples. Work them out in your book and email us with your answers.

Don't worry about what the girl is saying. Do it the way we have just said.

So now we can turn fractions into decimals.

 Can we turn decimals into fractions?  Yes because this is easy as long as we remember our place value.

 0.3 is 3/10


 0.03 is 3/100


and so on.


 Remember how we say decimals?


    3.456  would be 3 and 456 thousandths because the last digit is thousandths.


   0.8    would be 8/10   but this isn't in it's simplest form so we can now simplify 8/10 to 4/5  can't we?


Have a try at the next activity in your books.

 Finally do the Maths No Problem work on the template on seesaw. Save it in your folder and send it.