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 Wednesday 6th January 2021

LC- To divide whole numbers.


Yesterday, we looked at dividing whole numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 by using our knowledge of decimals to help us. Today we are going to carry on with this but using different numbers. Obviously, if you divide a small number by a bigger number then it won't fit. So the answer will be a decimal.

Have a look at the following problem. How would you solve it?



How can we  divide the 3 kg of sweets between 8 bags. Is there a smaller unit of measure than kilograms? How many grams are in 1 kg? So how many would there be in 3 kg? 


That's right - there are a thousand g in a kg so in 3 kg there would be 3000 g.


You could divide 3000 by 8. 


My friend says you could easily divide 3 kg into 8 bags using a bar model diagram. What might that look like? How many pieces would we need to divide each kilogram (bar) into? How many eighths would go in each bag? If 3000 divided by 8 is 375, and 3 eighths would go in each bag, can we determine what 3 eighths is as a decimal?


Sounds tricky?  Let's learn

 So 3 divided by 8 is the same as saying 3/8 . The fraction line is the same as divide.

So 4 divided by 7 can be written 4/7.


Wow that bit is easy then!


Let's carry on.

Let's go back to how we did this before in our division lessons. If the answer has a remainder then we put a decimal point, then a zero and take our remainder over.


 Look how we would do 3 divided by 8 this way.

 Have a go at the guided practice in your books. You can do them in whatever way you like best. Like the example given or the bar model way or the division way. Let's try.
   For the first part of the Maths NO Problem, the activity is on Seasaw. It is called 'Decimal match.' I have added it below so you know what you are looking for. Remember that you were all given your seesaw passwords. Remember to add your name when you save it and send it, otherwise we won't know who it is from.
 For the next part, we want you to work the answers out in your books ready to show us your working out when you return to school but email us the 6 answers when you have done them.