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Monday 4th January 2021

LC- To be able to identify the value of each digit in numbers up to three decimal places.


 Before we start our work on decimals, think back to any previous learning. What do you already know? What are decimals?


  Have a look at the following picture of a cube. This cube would normally represent 1000. Today, we are going to say that it represents 1 (1 full cube).


If we cut the cube up, we would have less than 1. See if you can answer the question in the focus task.



My friend says you can represent the Base 10 materials using fractions. He says that, because you need 10 of the hundreds to make 1 cube, they must be tenths. Is this correct?  How would you write this as a fraction? How would you write this as a decimal? How many of the 10-blocks are needed to make one 1000-block and how many of the 1-blocks are needed to do the same? Can you write each of them as a fraction, in words and as a decimal?


Now let's learn.

 Hopefully, you can see how the place value works.

 Whole numbers then the decimal point then tenths, hundredths and thousands.


How should decimal numbers should be read? Is there a way to be sure we are reading them correctly? My friend says that it has to do with the last digit. What does she mean by this?


That's right.

 The number 0.91 is read as 91 hundredths.

 The number 0.091 is read as 91 thousandths.


This is more accurate than saying, zero tenths, nine hundredths and 1 thousandths. We look at where the last digit is placed.


Now let's look at the guided practice.

What did you get for the last example?

If x represents a number then it has to be greater than 1 but less than 2. That means the 1 has to go in the whole number place.


 Both decimals and fractions represent numbers less than 1.

 So if we are talking about 5 tenths we can show this as a decimal 0.5 or a fraction 5/10.


 Now try the Maths NO Problem questions. Worksheet 1 pages 97 and 98.

If you are working from home, write the numbers in your book. You don't have to draw the grid.