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 LC : To be able to compare lengths.

Look at the table.


How tall is Hannah?


How tall is Lulu?


How tall is Elliot?



Who is taller? Charles or Lulu?

Start with how tall is Charles.


Charles is 1m 50cm.    Lulu is 105cm.


Oh no! One is written in m and cm and one is written in cm. What can we do?

That’s right, change them both into the same unit of measures.

Method 1 


Change both into cm.

Method 2


Change both to m and cm.

Change both into m.


Remember your measurement facts. 

1km = 1000 m


Ruby - 2km 45m 

          2000 m and 45m

so that’s 2045m


Ruby -  2045m

Amira - 2450m 


So Amira ran the longer distance.

Complete the work below in your blue book.

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Complete in your blue book or you can do it on Seesaw.


Click on the images above to look closer at the children’s height.
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