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LC: to know how to use a ruler and learn measurement facts.




Learn these measurement facts.


How many mm in 1cm?    3cm?    7cm?    26cm?


How many cm in 1m?     4m ?    8m?   50m?


How many m in 1km?   5km?    2km?    13km?

Let's start by looking at a ruler.


Place a ruler in front of you and tell your partner what you can see.

Where should I start measuring from?


a) the end of the ruler.

b) at 0.


Well done it's b, at 0.


Point out where 0 cm or 0 mm is on your ruler,


What unit of measurement should I measure in?


a) cm 

b) inches


That's right, it's a, we measure length in cm.

Watch the video below to remind yourself about how to draw and measure lines with a ruler accurately.




Now in your jotter, or in your blue blended learning book, draw these lines.


5 cm


10 cm


7 cm



Can you draw a line that is 3 and half or 3.5 cm long?

Time to measure.


If you are learning from home, print off the PDF document below and stick it into your blue blended learning book or find objects around your home that you can measure the length of and write it in your book.


Remember to start at 0cm.