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LC: To be able to read and write length and height in metres and centimetres.



Read and think  - What do I know?
You might not have a tape measure, don't worry just look carefully at the on screen.

The length of the sharpener is 2cm.

I know that there are 100 cm in 1 m.


So the calculation is 100 ÷ 2 =


If I use my x table knowledge I can work out

100 ÷ 2 

That's the same as half of 100.


Easy, 100 ÷ 2 = 50


So 50 sharpeners measure 100cm or 1 m.

What do I know?


The van is 500cm long.


Remember the measurement facts. - how many cm in 1m?

Can you use this to help you?


That's right!!!    100 cm = 1m

                         200 cm = 2m

                         300 cm = 3m

                         400 cm = 4m

                         500 cm = ___ m


5m ____cm     How many cm? 


That's right 5m 0cm

The measuring tape says that the books measure 150cm.

How do I write that in m and cm?



Complete the task in you blue blended learning book and email it to you teacher via Purple Mash.

Be careful with questions b and c.


Look at where the measurement starts from. 


Think how long is the rubber.


Now do the same for the phone.

Check out the 2do's on purple mash.  Complete them to show your understanding of measure.