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Tuesday 8th December 2020

  LC- To divide fractions


Excellent work on multiplying fractions. Hopefully you now know what to do and why.

 Today we are going to start looking at dividing fractions. Again, using pictures and diagrams helps us to start with.

 Have a look at the following problem. What would you do to try and solve it?

 So if you look at the last example, 3/4 divided by 3 is the same as saying 1/3 of 3/4


 Let's learn together. We will draw bar models to help us.




Now let's go through the guided work together. If you are at home, read through very carefully.

   So in the last example finding 1/4 of something is the same as dividing by 4.



  What about finding a 1/5?    It is the same as dividing by 5.

Or dividing by 5 is the same as finding a 1/5 of something.     Or 1/5  X something.


Have a look at the Maths NO Problem work.

Look for patterns that you see or any links that you spot.