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Use cubes or pasta shells if you’re learning from home. Count 15 cubes/ pasta shells and then take away 3.



15 - 1 = 

15 - 2 =

15 - 3 = 


We found the answer by counting back. 

We have 15 flowers in a vase and 3 are taken out. How many do we have now? My friend gave me the tools below to help you subtract.  Would any of these be helpful for you?

My friend said that when you subtract from a number, the number usually gets smaller. Is this correct?


Have a go at the question below use part of the 100 square to help you.

Your turn 


Turn to page 128 and 129 in your maths no problem books and complete the questions. If you’re learning from home copy the questions and complete them in your Blended Learning Books.