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   Friday 4th December 2020

 LC- To multiply fractions

  Today, we are going to continue multiplying fractions. We all know what multiplying means and we now know that if we say 5 lots of 4, lots means multiply.

    1/2 x 1/3     means 1/2 of 1/3 so we would first get 1/3 (1 piece out of 3) and half it.  Don't forget, with fractions, all pieces have to be the same.

 Often, at this stage of our learning, drawing pictures helps.


Have a look at the following question. What do you think?

  Let's learn.


 Then we will go through the guided practice together. If you are at home, read through very carefully and look to see if you notice anything. When you are ready, you can then do the Maths No Problem questions.