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Today, we are going to compare and order fractions.

Have a look at the in focus question below.

How many pieces was the cake cut into? And how many slices or pieces of cake was taken by the boy and the girl?

We know that the girl took ¼ so the cake has been split into 4 pieces.

As you can see, the ¼ piece that has been taken has been coloured in a darker shade of blue.

Now, with the remaining cake, there are 8 piece and we know the boy has taken 3 pieces.

From the diagram you can see that 3/8 is greater than ¼.

We can use < to show greater than.  3/8 > ¼

We know that ¼ and 2/8 are equivalent. These fractions are the same.

If we use our knowledge of multiplying, we know that 4 x 2 = 8 and 1 x 2 = 2.

¼ is therefore less than 3/8.

We can write this as ¼ < 3/8.

Have a go now and arrange these fractions.

Which method do you find the easiest?

Did you also use the common denominator of 8 to help you organize the fractions?

Well done if you got the same answer.

Now complete the guided practice section. Then, complete worksheet 4 in your home learning book and send a picture of your work on Seesaw.