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Today, we are going to move onto a new chapter. We are going to learn about fractions.

Have a look at the in focus question below.

Can you come up with some apple stories?

How many friends are there altogether?

Do you think it is possible to share 6 apples equally between 3 friends?

How many would they get each?

That’s right. If we share 6 apples between 3 friends they would get 2 each.

What if we only had 1 apple? How many would each friend get?

That’s right they would each get one third which is shown as a fraction.

Now, what if we have 5 apples to share between 3 friends?

Is it an equal amount? Can we share this equally?

Each child would get five thirds which is shown to you as a fraction below.


As you can see the numerator (the number at the top) is greater than the denominator (the number at the bottom). We call this an improper fraction.

We know that 3 which is the denominator is the total amount so we cannot have a fraction greater than this but here we have a whole one then we have 2 extra so we can write this as 1 whole one and . This is known as a mixed number.


Now have a go at the guided practice section. Remember how to write fractions clearly.

You could have an improper fraction so see if you can turn this into a mixed number.

Now complete worksheet 1 in your home learning book. Take a picture of your work and send it on Seesaw.