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Today, we are going to continue reading and interpreting information from line graphs.  

Have a look at the in focus question below.


What do you think the information is showing?

How can we show this information in a line graph?

This shows the information in a line graph. Why do you think 17mg was the most difficult to plot on the graph?

What do you notice about all the other numbers that he had to plot?


17 was difficult to plot because it is an odd number and this doesn’t appear on the y axis. We have to be careful as we need to count carefully and find out how many intervals the y axis go up in each time. We know that they are going up in 2s so 17 would be in between 16 and 18.

Now have a look at the line graph above.

What is the information showing?

Think about the intervals on the y axis. What do you think it is going up in?

How many ice creams were sold at 25 degrees?

That’s right, 45.

How many ice creams were sold at 15 degrees?

That’s right, it would be 7 or 8 ice creams.

How many ice creams were sold at 20 degrees?

That’s right, 25!

Now complete worksheet 7 in your home learning book and send a picture of your work on Seesaw.