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   Wednesday 2nd December 2020

 LC- To multiply fractions


 Well done for all your hard work on fractions. We are now going to move on to multiplying fractions. Have a look at the problem below. See if you can represent your working out with a diagram.


So if the pizza was cut into thirds and one piece is gone, there are 2/3 left. Basically 2 pieces are left. If we cut these 2 pieces on half, what do we have left?


 Think about this:

     If we have 5 groups of 2, what calculation would it be? Add, subtract, multiply or divide?  So what does the word, 'of' mean here? It means multiply. 5 groups multiplied by 2. Have a look again at the question above. The word 'of' has been used so to find the answer, we need to multiply.

 So to find 1/2 of 2/3 we need to do the following calculation 1/2 x 2/3 =


Let's learn.

 So what is half of 2/5? 

  Remember there are 2 pieces, so half of those 2 = ???????


   That's right 1 piece so half of 2/5 = 1/5


What about 1/2 x 2/7 =


                    1/2 of 2/9 =


Half of 2 will always be 1.       Half x 2 = 1


Let's try the guided practice. The pictures (bar graphs) really help here so look carefully and think what they are showing you.

  Now try the Maths NO Problem questions. You will need to draw the bar charts to help you.