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  Tuesday 1st December 2020

     LC- To add and subtract fractions


 We are going to continue learning how to add and subtract fractions that have whole numbers. Re-read yesterday's work if you need a reminder.

Have a look at the following problem.


My friend says it is easy to determine the red bag's mass because it is the total of the other two bags. Is this true? How can we be sure? Is it possible to add 4 1⁄6 to 2 3⁄4? How can we do that?


Now how do we find the mass of the blue bag?   What information is missing? My friend says that you could turn all of the fractions we know into twelfths to find the correct mass. What does she mean by this? Why would we need to change the fractions? Do you know how to find the answer?

Let's learn. Did you do it the same way?

  Now let's try the guided practice. Record this in your books.

Remember to read carefully if you are at home to see what the question is asking.

   If you are ready then move on to the Maths NO problem work. Remember to show your working.