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 Monday 30th November 2020

    LC- To add and subtract fractions


 We are going to continue adding and subtracting fractions today and we are going to include whole numbers too. Remember a fraction is part of a whole one. If all the parts are there, we have a whole one, eg


     2/2      5/5    8/8   12/12


 Have a look at the following problem. Use your previous learning to try the answer it. Can you try to think of 2 different ways to solve it?

 So for the first part, you had to take 1/4 away from 1 and 1/3 bars of chocolate. How can you do that? I wonder if you found any of these 2 ways.

 Lat's learn...

 In this way it was easier to take the 1/4 away from the whole one and you can do this in your head. You are left with 3/4 of the whole piece and the 1/3 bar. If you add these two pieces that are left together, you will get the answer.


 The second way is to turn the denominators into the same. This is like we did in school last week.

Have a look.

Now have a look at the second example using both methods.


 Which method do you prefer? Why?


 Use your preferred method to answer the guided practice questions. Check carefully to see if it is addition or subtraction.

 When your teacher is happy, you can move on to the Maths NO Problem book worksheet 9. If you are at home, try your best to work though all the questions and email your teacher if you get stuck. If you struggle with the different methods then just use the one you are most confident with.