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How can we find the total number of sandwiches? 

If we know there are 5 sandwiches in the bottom row then there are also 5 directly above, what does that make?


It makes 10. 10 and 4 additional sandwiches? How could we write this down?


We can write it down as 10 + 4 = 14

My friend says number bonds are helpful. Look at the let’s learn below to see their working out. 

Can you make 9 and 3 on your tens frame. How can we add 9 and 3?

You can fill your tens frame to make 10. Now it is easier to add. 10 + 2 = 12

Look at the example below.

Have a go at the Guided Practice below. Remember to make 10.

Your turn


Turn to pages 121 and 122 in your maths no problem books and complete the questions. If you’re learning from home copy the questions and answer in your blended learning books.