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Look at the tens frame with 8 counters below. If I add 3 more, how many will I have now? How many ways can you figure this out?

My friend says that you do not need to start from 1. What does she mean?

If I know I have 8, I don’t need to count from 1. 8 + 3=11. I have 11 altogether.


Let’s look at this problem below, does it look familiar? 

Is it better to count on from the largest number or from the smallest? Is starting from 1 easiest?


If we already know how many are in the large group, do we need to count them all?

When we already know a group has a specific amount we don’t need to count from 1, we can count from the specific number. 

What do we do when the bigger number is not first?


Does it lead us to the same answer? How can we tell?


Can we count on from the bigger number?
Which is easier?




If the bigger number is not first we can reorder it and put it first. It will lead us to the same answer and it makes it easier. 

Answers and working out for Guided Practice questions.

Your turn 


Turn to page 119 and 120 complete the questions in your maths no problem books. If you are learning from home copy the questions and answer them in your Blended learning books.