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Today, we are going to continue to read and interpret information from a line graph.

Have a look at the In Focus question below.

What information can you interpret from the table?

What is the earliest time that the flight leaves on the Friday?

What is the latest flight?

Do you notice any terminals where there are a high number of flights departing?

What do you think this information would look like as a line graph?

Now have a look at the above page as it shows the information as a line graph.

What do you notice now?


You should have noticed that on Terminal 1 the amount of flights increased then decreased. Also, the highest amount of flights took place at 8:30pm – 9pm.

Unlike Terminal 1, the flights at Terminal 2 decreased from 6:30pm.

What can you tell me now about the number of flights at Terminal 3?

Did they increase or decrease? Think about the line of the graph. What is it telling you?

Now, Q5 is asking you for answers where you need to compare 2 terminals.

Check each flight for terminal 1 and 2 and you till notice as shown in the diagram the greatest difference was between 6:30 and 7pm.

Now have a practice of the Guided practice section on your own and answer in your home learning book then complete worksheet 6 below.