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You are doing a great job learning about measuring.


Let's look at today's problem.



Why do we need to put the objects at the zero to compare them?


That's right when we measure we have to start at the zero to be accurate.


Let's see how much longer the objects are.

What calculation can we use to figure this out?


That's right we need to use a subtraction.



Now lets try this problem together.


Look carefully 2 ropes do not start on zero.


To find the length of rope B I am going to use a subtraction

13 - 2 = 11 so rope B is 11 cm long


How long is rope C?

That's right rope C is 4 cm long

15 - 11 = 4





Now you are going to have turn.

In school turn to page 165.

If you are at home write the answers in your blended learning book.