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Today, we are still going to continue to read and interpret information but we will be doing this from a line graph.

Have a look at an example below.

How many questions can you come up with which relate to the line graph?

Can you tell me what it is showing?

What are the two different axes and what do they mean?

What do you notice about the infection rate from day 2 to day 5?

Lets learn

The table shows each day and how many people were infected. We can see that by day 10 there were 6 people who were infected.

If we are looking at weeks and comparing the data, we know that 7 days make a week so for week 1 we need to look at days 1 – 7. For week 2 we need to look at days 8-14 and for week 3 we need to look at days 15 – 21.

The diagram above shows the infections were rising each week and there was a greater increase from week 2 to week 3 than there was from week 1 to week 2.

Now have a go at the guided practice questions from 1 to 5 and answer in your home learning book. Then complete worksheet 4 below in your home learning book. When you have finished, take a picture of your work and send it on Seesaw.