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Today, we are going to continue reading and interpreting information from tables.

Have a look at the in focus question below.

Have a look at the information presented in the table. Can you come up with some questions related to the information?

If my journey started at Crewe? How long would it take to get to Birmingham?

If I took the 9:04 train from Liverpool, what time would I arrive in Birmingham?

Have a look below to see what time the train would arrive at Birmingham.

My journey starts at 9:04am. It does not stop at Acton Bridge, Winsford or Coseley.

It would arrive in Birmingham at 10:48am. Well done if you got this right.

Have a look below to see how long this journey would take.

If you remember, yesterday we said we use a timeline to work out duration of time.

We could count from 9:04 to 10:04 which is 1 hour then count on the minutes till we get to 10:48.

In total, the journey takes 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Now, have a look at Q2.

If my friend wants to be at Birmingham for noon and he is catching a train from Liverpool Lime street, have a look at the timetable to see when the trains leave from Liverpool and when they arrive at Birmingham.

He could take the 9:34 train but he would get there too early.

If he took the 10:34 train, he would arrive at 12:18 which would be after noon.

He can leave Liverpool at 10:04 and he will arrive in Birmingham for 11:48 which is in time for noon.

Lets find out how long the journey is for my friend.

She sets off from Crewe at 10:49am and gets to Birmingham at 11:48am.

We know that 10:49 to 11:49 is one hour which is 60 minutes.

If we take 1 min away from this as our answer is 11:48 we know it took her 59 minutes.

Now have a go at the guided practice question 1 and 2 and answer in your home learning book. Then complete worksheet 3 which is below. Once you have finished, send a picture of your work on Seesaw.