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Today, we are going to continue reading and interpreting information from tables.

Have a look at the in focus question below.


What does SO and SX stand for?

Where are the trains departing from? And where are they arriving at?

Where will the trains stop at between London and Liverpool?

Is it true that the journey from Runcorn to Liverpool always take 21 minutes? How can you check? 

Lets learn Q1

How long has it taken my friend to get from Runcorn to Liverpool if she left at 11am?

That’s right, it took her 21 minutes.

If they got the train at 4:07pm – what is this time in 24 hours?

That’s right, it is 16:07.

How long was the journey if it took them from 16:07 – 18:00?

Can we use a column method for this?

The answer is NO! when we are calculating time, we never use column method. We use a number line as there are only 60 minutes in an hour!

Have a look at the number line below.

There are two methods to explain how this would work.

Which method do you prefer?

I would work out how many minutes it takes from 16:07 to 18:07 which is 2 hours. Then count on till 18:21 which is 14 minutes.

If you add these together you get the answer, 2 hrs and 14 minutes.

If my friend wants to reach Liverpool by 9:25pm, would it make sense to get there a little earlier at 21:21 or reach there at exactly 21:25?

I think it makes sense to get there a little earlier. If he aims to get to Liverpool for 21:21, he would need to take the 19:07 train from London.

If he wanted to arrive at the same time but on a Saturday, he would need to take the train that leaves at 19:07 on a Saturday. (remember to look at the codes SO and SX to help you between Saturday and Sunday).

If my friend takes the 18:05 train on a Sunday, what time would he arrive back at Liverpool?

Now using the table above, answer the questions in the guided practice section and write your answers in your home learning book.

Complete worksheet 2 in your home learning book. Before you start answering the questions, read and understand the information in the table.

Once you have finished, take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher through Seesaw. Good luck!