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This week in maths we are going to look at time. We will look at telling time, working out passing of time and work out word problems using time.


Today will are going to focus on making sure we know how to tell the time.


On your whiteboards answer the following 5 questions:


How many seconds in a minute?


How many minutes in an hour?


How many hours in a day?


What does the big hand count?


What does the small hand count?


If you are at home get somebody to check your answers.



Look at the clock above notice that every black number on the clock equates to 5 on the orange numbers on the outside. This means that every time the big hand moves to the next number 5 minutes has passed. The clock above also helps us by showing us half of the clock in green and the other half in red. If the big hand is anywhere in the green section we say that it is past the hour. If the big hand is in the red half then we say it is to the next hour. To help us know how many minutes past or to the hour we look at the white numbers in the middle to help us. 


Lets see if we can tell the time by using the clock above.

What time is it on the clock below:


The big hand is at the number 10 this means 10 minutes and as that would be in the red half this means it will be to. So this means it is 10 to. 


Now lets work out the hour. so lets look at the small hand. The small hand has passed the number 8 but npot quite at the number 9 yet. So since the minute hand is at 10 to we go to the next hour, so the bigger one. In this case that is 9.


So our time on the clock above is 10 to 9.


Lets have a practice.


We are going to use the following website to help us show the time. Remember after each one to press reset before attempting the next time.


Go onto the following website.


Make the clock show the following times.


5 past 1

20 to 6

Half past 2

9 O'clock


Good well done now lets have a go at the following task.


Task 1

In your books write down the times on the following clocks.


Task 2

If you finish the above task attempt the following

Draw the hands on the clock to show the times shown underneath.



Home learners please could you take a photo of your answered questions and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.