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Today, we are going to focus on reading and interpreting tables.

Have a look at the In focus question below.

Have a look at the timetable above and answer the following questions:

Where are the flights taking off from? Where are they headed to?

Why do you think Wednesday and Saturday do not show a flight? Do you think this is for them days only or is it for the full week?

What do the different columns mean?

What if my friend wants an evening flight? Which ones would be available?

If my friend wants to take an afternoon flight, which one is available? Have a look at the next slide which explains this further.

Use your knowledge of converting time from 12 hour to 24 hour clock. You know 01:10 is an early morning / midnight flight. However, 23:30 is an evening flight.

Which flight from the ones shown above is an afternoon flight?

Well done, it is 12:35 as we know this is around noon.

If the girl wants to arrive for Monday afternoon, we need to look at the times of arrival for a Monday afternoon.

If you have a look at the arrival column, you will notice one flight arrives in the afternoon. We know that 15:40 is 24 hour clock and it means 40 minutes past 3 in the afternoon. This is the flight that she will have to take and leave at 09:05 in the morning.

If my friend wants to now arrive on Monday morning, what flights could she take?

That’s right – she has 4 options as highlighted above in blue.

All the above will allow her to arrive at London on a Monday morning.

Now, have a look at Q4.

My friend can only leave for a flight after 5pm on a Tuesday. Which flights could he take?

That’s right, he can choose 3 options. They have been highlighted in red. They leave at either 22:45, 23:15 or 23:30 – which in 12 hour clock would be 10 or 11pm.

Now have a look at Q5 above.

My friend needs to be ready for a meeting at 9am on Monday morning. Would it make sense for her to be catching a flight on Monday morning?

That’s right, she needs to catch a flight the previous night. If you look at the table, there are 3 flights she could take on a Sunday evening and land before 7am to make it for her meeting at 9am.

Can you name the 3 flights?

Now have a go at the guided practice section and write the answers in your home learning book.

Now complete worksheet 1 in your home learning book. Before you start answering the questions, read and understand the information in the table.

Once you have finished, take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher through Seesaw.