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 Wednesday 18th November 2020

   LC- To Compare and Order Fractions


 We think most of you have done pretty well with simplifying fractions so  

we are going to move on to comparing and ordering fractions.

When we compare anything in maths, we look at ways to find out which is biggest and which is smallest.


Look at the following problem. 

Can you find at least two ways to compare the fractions and order them from the greatest to the smallest.

One way of comparing when you only have two fractions is to use 1⁄2 as an indicator to see if a fraction is greater than 1⁄2 or not. 


  Which ways did you find? Could you order the fractions to find out which is the biggest?

 Was it possible to compare them to see which were smaller or larger than half?

 Is there any other way?


Let's learn....

   In these examples, 1 person chose to use diagrams and the other to compare with half. In the second they also used the larger than and smaller than symbols.

Did you use any other way?


 Now try the guided practice. Use whatever method you prefer.

   Now try the Maths No Problem questions. If you are working from home, you will have to draw the fraction lines. Remember to make them the same size or you can't compare accurately. Send in a photograph of your work.